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Now the changing rooms are unisex but you have to go into a locked cubicle to change.

My fiery red head was now beginning to peek through my sopping foreskin, but for the moment he left it alone. It stayed at half mast with my head still peeking out of my turtle neck oozing pre-cum like a leaky tap. Using his mouth he began to roll my foreskin down the head so it rested behind my super-sensitive ridge. I stayed in there for about an hour with one or two other swimmers, mostly older men.

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I then grabbed my cock with my cum covered hand a jerked off frantically. He grabbed my hips and turned me around while bending me over. As I slowly walked back to the campsite a grin spread over my face. For the second time in two stroies I quickly dressed and ran from the swimming pool without seeing my lifeguard on the way out. Before slowly inserting his tongue all the way under my skin and bathing my head in his saliva.

I got out and went chznge have my shower. I entered and left the door ajar before dropping my towel to reveal my still semi hard cock to her through the gap on the door. change room sex stories

Change room sex stories

So he told me to follow him and off we went. So there I was standing bollock naked in front of this guy.

He opened the lock and quickly stepped out leaving me alone naked and with an ass full of cum still in my ass. I began to wank, slowly at first but not for long. Now I know other men saw this and most chose to ignore it but a couple looked for maybe a bit longer than they should.

‘change room’ stories

I then spotted a gorgeous young lady, about 25 years of age checking me out and giving me a cheeky half smile. He also I could tell had a swimmers body.

Change room sex stories

When I was finally finished my cocked slipped out of his mouth coated in a layer of saliva and cum. At this point I had enough and hopped out of the shower and practically ran to my clothes, getting dressed while still wet. I change room sex stories in the front door and paid my 2 pounds to a young lifeguard at the desk. I barely slept a wink that night and when I did wake up the next morning my mind was made up I was going to go back and see what would happen.

Feeling all his cum spill out onto my hand, I brought it up to look at and being still horny even had a taste wishing now I had sucked him off. I have a small build though and I like to keep my pubes completely shaven.

for : girls locker room shower

storiss My legs began to tremble and only his hands grasping my hips held me upright as the first of my pent up w of boy jizz sped up my cock and straight into his waiting mouth. My ass was so tight it trapped it all inside me.

After wanking for a minute or two I felt that my orgasm was imminent so decided to get out, wrap a towel round myself and walk into the unisex changing area with my erect penis which now was facing to the left on show to all under my tight towel. As I walked past they sniggered to each other. Finally my brain reengaged, he was asking me if Change room sex stories wanted to give him a hand.

I usually like to sleep naked but that was just another disadvantage of camping with your parents. He then caressed my balls and my legs nearly gave out I had to rest my ass on the cold door of the toilet.

Locker Room Nymphs by Lubrican

I stripped naked and it felt kinda nice to be in this chanfe place with my cock swinging freely. Anyway as I turned the corner to enter the showers my heart sank. It continued normal enough as normal as any conversation you can have while naked and soaped up and then suddenly he stares down at my cock and says.

Change room sex stories

Obviously the events of the day before had reduced my inhibitions somewhat and Stofies strutted around the room with my cock swinging for everyone to see. It looked ridiculous with me following with my 7 and a half inch hard cock swaying from side to side. He led me into a toilet cubicle just across from the shower area; after he closed the door he immediately grabbed my cock. He now started sucking in earnest with one hand on my balls and the other gently kneading my ass.

I thought this was my chance so I peeled of my shorts and wandered naked towards the showers, thoughts of finally blowing my load racing change room sex stories my mind. It wex something to relieve my boredom.

Change room sex stories

The thought slightly disgusted me but I felt it was only fair. I watched her walk towards a cubicle and she began drying herself just outside one so I went into another just opposite knowing that if I left the door slightly open she would be able to see me. When he was done he pulled his head out and not one drop change room sex stories cum followed. Soon I was tugging hard and pulling my foreskin as far back as I could and showing her my full head. I knew they had heard me moaning and etories the way Rpom was walking probably thought I had been fucked up the ass.

He knelt before me in what must be one of the sexiest positions known to man and slowly began licking up and down the shaft of my hairless young cock. In there were two other guys my age that I had met in the campsite. After two or three minutes of this I knew I was going to unleash the ten days worth of cum that had cahnge building up in my balls. Change room sex stories I was drying my hair with my towel, still butt naked I heard something in front of me.

He proceeded to clean me up which created a sensation so strong it was almost painful to my over sensitive cock. The feeling of his balls slapping just over mine was amazing.

Change room sex stories

He finally moved out of my way and I rushed to the privacy of one of the shower stalls except there were no curtains so I was still in full view. My cock twitched; there he was in front of me again. He began to hump my little bubble butt, inserting his thick veiny cock between my cheeks. I was too scared so I left him to get his pleasure from change room sex stories milky white mounds.

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